Fallow Friends

Updated: Jul 5

We would like to introduce you to our new family members, Ron, Ruby and Kevin! These kids are Nigerian Dwarf goats, they have been with us for a short period of time and has already brought positive energy to the herd.

Ron is the adorable black and white goat. He is very playful and can be mouthy! This kid has a lot to say! We love him to pieces and his favorite thing to do is lay over your lap!

Ruby is our beautiful light colored goat. She is the sweetest kid I have ever met. She loves to know what's going on in the rest of the herd. She is very loveable and her favorite thing to do is go outback where there are big piles of trees and brush.

Kevin is the dark brown colored goat and he was at one time the runt. We bottle fed him and he gained weight and is the size of Ruby now. He is a lovebug and has the most adorable little face. His favorite thing to do follow you around, talk to you, and rub against your leg.

The deer are enjoying their company...most of the time. Phoebe is the youngest deer and has high anxiety. With these little kids running/bouncing around I thought it might make her anxiety worse. NOPE, she has opened up and enjoys showing them whos boss. It is so nice to see her come out of her shell!

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